This is a fisheye lens built by founder of Lensrentals, Roger Cicala. It is not just any fisheye lens. It is a hyper fisheye lens. Why hyper? Because it is so freaking wide that it can see behind itself. Well, that kind of make it a 360 camera, doesn’t it? That said, can you still call it ‘fisheye’? I mean, I am just throwing out there, you know. Anywho, Cicala built it the prototype 4.9 mm f3.5 hyperfisheye lens from scratch and he is sharing how he did it.

C-4 Optics Hyper Fisheye Lens

It is a purely mechanical lens, btw, and therefore, it has no electronics to help to create the magic. This is not the only fisheye lens that can see behind itself though; apparently, Nikkor once had a 6 mm fisheye lens in the 70s that did the same, but clearly, Cicala’s version is more superior. Cicala says that the C-4 Optics Hyper Fisheye Lens is “far sharper, have less distortion and vignetting, and cost somewhat less than those do today.”

C-4 Optics Hyper Fisheye Lens

To put things in perspective, the closest optics that can do the same mentioned earlier commands around $100K today. But we have no idea what “somewhat less than those do today” means. If anyone care to read, there’s an in-depth step-by-step look at the assembly of the lens in writing on Lensrentals’ blog, or if you have a shorter attention span like I do, you can watch the time-lapse video, which you can find below, of the assembly process which last for just 46 seconds.

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However, there are no samples yet, but according to our source, Cicala will be putting out sample photos taken with this widest-ever fisheye lens “within the next week or two.”

Images: Lensrentals.

Source: PetaPixel.

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