Gold-plated Heckler & Koch MP5

What looks like a gun skin for popular Battle Royale multiplayer online game, PlayerUnknown Battleground AKA PUBG, is actually a real-life embossed golden Heckler & Koch MP5. Yes! This thing is real! This one-off, custom submachine based on German firearms maker Heckler & Koch MP5 features a gold-plated body, barrel, safety switch, trigger and magazine with the golden body and magazine further boast some rather intricate designs. Man, it really does look like a gun skin for PUBG, except that the game does not have a H&K MP5. The closest to the MP5 in the game is the UMP9 (which is obviously, a fictional weapon like the rest of the in-game weapons).

Gold-plated Heckler & Koch MP5

As you can see from the lone image, this blinged submachine gun that spits out 650 rounds per minute was a gift presented to His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And by it was from? Well, it was from Pakistan with love, apparently. The blinged weapon was presented by Pakistani senators to the Saudi Crown Prince on Monday, along with a portrait of the Royal Highness, during the prince stop in Pakistan.

I get the gold part, but I am not sure why a firearm? Maybe the prince is a firearm enthusiast himself? Surely, Islamabad do see a significance of a weapon being gifted to a representing royalty for a country that has recently been implicated in the murder of a prominent dissident journalist, don’t they? But lets not get to self-righteous and put our feet into somebody else’s business.

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I am not going to lie. A blinged H&K MP5 really tickles my fancy. Tactical it is not, but it sure screams “look here! I am freaking rich (and dangerous)!” Which I am neither. I just like the look. Perhaps that why I often fall prey to PUBG ridiculous loot boxes that promise super dope gun skins.

P.S. we wish we have access to a better quality image, but this is all we can find for now.

Image: Handout/Senate of Pakistan.

Source: RT.