LaCie and Porsche Design exclusive hard drives for Apple Fans

LaCie Porsche Design Mobile P'9231 800x700px
LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drives | US$99.99 |

have the love for fast cars and shiny silver gadgets? especially, those with an apple as a logo? well, here’s the good news for you. Lacie and Porsche Design has unveiled an exclusive luxury line of hard drives for you Apple fans. if you ask me, these are just another hard drives but then again, it has a very Mac-like and minimalist design that makes these hard drives so alluring. presented in the form of LaCie Porsche Design Mobile (P’9221) and Desktop (P’9231), these hard drives are available exclusively at Apple Stores and
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the exterior is constructed of scratch-resistant aluminum that not only blends perfectly with your Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air (or iMac, for that matter) but it also assist in regulating the heat dissipation, and is 100% recyclable. the P’9221 and P’9231 are the latest to join the ranks of LaCie-Porsche Design collaboration and they shares a similar aesthetic as the earlier announced P’9220 and P’9230. the main differentiating features (or the lack of) between the P’9220/P’9230 and the P’9221/P’9231 are the form factor, finishes, as well as the lack of USB 3.0 interface for the latter duo. logical, since Mac is not heading towards the USB 3.0 path like its PC counterpart.

the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile (P’9221) comes in 500-GB storage and 1-TB capacities while the LaCie Porsche Design Desktop (P’9231) comes in 1-TB and 2-TB capacities. prices start from $99.99 for the P’9221 and $109.99 for the 1-TB P’9231.

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