the Transformers x MIMOBOT Designer USB Flash Drives

the Transformers x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives 544x360px
the Transformers x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives | from US$22.95 |

thanks to Michael Bay, Transformers are now virtually everywhere and as you might have guessed it, it has arrived to USB Flash Drives as well. at the recent 2011 CEA Line Show, Mimoco unveiled its first duo of flash drives based on Hasbro’s Transformers characters, Optimus Prime and Megatron. those who are familiar with Mimoco will not miss the unmistakable elongated oval shape flash drives and as with all MIMOBOT flash drives, these Transformers come preloaded with bonus media including digital editions of the classic comics, videos, and scripts along with the MimoDesk – a suite of screensavers, avatars, wallpapers et cetera, based on the characters.
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these USB flash drives are available in 2-GB, 4-GB, 8-GB and 16-GB capacities, and are available on Mimoco web store from $22.95.

the Transformers Optimus Prime MIMOBOT 544x360px

the Transformers Megatron MIMOBOT 544x360px

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