Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones

After reading and seeing Bluetooth headphones that cost hundreds of dollars, I am kind surprise to hear about the Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones. Touted as the “lowest cost, lightest and most comfortable HiFi headphones,” Mixcder HD901 brings to the table 8 hours of wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth 4.2 in a 5 ounce (141 grams) package that cost, wait for it… just $19.99 (100% not a typo, btw).

Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones

The lightweight construction, together with high-end memory protein ear cups, sponge filler and skin texture touch makes the over-the-ear headphones easy on the head and ears.

Other key features include precision-engineered dual 40 mm full-range drivers, advanced CSR chip, adjustable headband sliders, a collapsible design, built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and finally, wired option with the included 3.5 mm audio cable, so it can keep pumping out tunes even when the battery conks out.

Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones

Basically, the Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones pretty much ticks all the check boxes of a pair of good wireless audio cans, but at a price that shocks anyone. Seriously, if 20 bucks for a pair of decent cans is not a steal, I really don’t what is. Mind you, it is not some brand-less variety you may find in some bazaar in China.

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If you are interested, you can find Mixcder HD901 Bluetooth Headphones selling on Amazon.

All images courtesy of Mixcder.