When it comes shooter games on mobile phone, it is no secret that four fingers are between than two. Hence, the rise of four-finger play style known as ‘claw’. But what if you are not as good as stretching your fingers like some? Well, you can pick up trigger attachments or you could look to Valor Gaming Case by Mobile Gaming Corps. Valor Gaming Case is the first mobile phone case designed specifically for gaming.

In addition to protecting your device from the daily knocks and bumps, it is outfitted with gaming glass screen protector and further boasts mappable shoulder buttons, positioned at a natural position for your index fingers. There are a couple of benefits of the mappable button.

Valor Smartphone Gaming Case

Firstly, as the name implies, it is mappable to whatever you want to them to do and secondly, they are always there even when you do not need them and not getting in the way. Perhaps, most obviously is, you never had to carry attachments around just for those unexpected times when you feel like jumping into the game.

Other features include a rubberized coating for improved grip, vented back with “heat-sinking materials” to improve airflow and heat dissipation, Gaming Glass screen protector for clarity with superior touch sensitive, raise front-facing case edge to protect the screen, and composite anti-shock materials to absorb impact of drops.

Valor Smartphone Gaming Case

Interestingly, Valor Gaming Case does not runs off battery, nor does it draws power from your device. Instead, it harnesses the electricity generated by human touch.

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Valor Gaming Case is compatible with a host of popular shooter games, including PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more. Valor Gaming Case is available to order on Mobile Gaming Corps for $59.99. Unfortunately, though, it appears to be available for select iPhone models. For PUBG Mobile, it is worthy to note that there is a special PowerBang Limited Edition model too. Keep going for the product video.

Images: Mobile Gaming Corps.

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