Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator

We have seen a fair number of simulators on this blog, but so far, nothing come quite close to the Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator by Allinsports (AIS). Make no mistake, folks, the Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator is NOT a video game rig. This is the real deal simulator AIS developed for use by racing teams.

AIS was founded by one ex-Formula 1 engineer with aspiring race car drivers who have no access to track testing. That said, one can only imagine the realism it has offer. Well, that’s if the setup above haven’t already convinced you that it is indeed a highly realistic race car driving simulator.

Allinsports Pro Racing Simulator

AIS has been a technical partner of the Ferrari Driver Academy since 2009. In addition, it is also a technical partner to Ferrari in simulator development and runs advanced training simulator programs for many of the racing formulas. We do not know how much a typical setup would cost, but it is definitely for average Joes.

From what we have seen on AIS website, you most definitely need a room dedicated to the setup and that alone points to the fact that this ain’t your ordinary ’big boy toy’ as far as initial investment goes. I mean serious, a full compliment of hydraulic, a huge-ass 180-degree curved screen and true-to-real life car body with detailed real life interior? That sounds like an awfully expensive setup.

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But that’s not to say richie rich cannot buy one. You sure can. All you have to do is to touch base with Allinsports to get the discussion going. Or you could settle for less with eSports-grade Allinsports eRacer. OK. TBH, we don’t know how much those cost either. Just get in touch with Allinsports if you are super keen.

Images: Allinsports.