Penny Skateboards Introduces its First Ever Longboard

The term ‘penny’ gives the impression of smallness which is exactly what Penny Skateboards is about: small, agile skateboards, but that’s before today. Today, the Australia skateboard maker (whose design have been copied the world over) introduces the firm’s first longboard, the Penny Skateboards 36” Longboard. In keeping with the company’s design tradition, the new […]

Christian Hosoi Signature Model Penny Skateboard

when a skateboarding legend like Christian Hosoi (or just “Hosoi”) and classic skateboard maker Penny Skateboards comes together, you know things are going to get pretty wild, well, at least on the hardware end of things. the first result from this holy matrimony is the Christian Hosoi Signature Model Penny

Penny Skateboards

long before people start zooming downhill with huge, surfboard-like skateboards, there were those little plastic boards that let us whizzed around our neighborhood and at times, landed us in some wild and exhilarating chases by dogs (note: not the other way round). like all awesome things we love (Vespa, Mini – just to name a few), these lovable, kick-powered rides are making…