long before people start zooming downhill with huge, surfboard-like skateboards, there were those little plastic boards that let us whizzed around our neighborhood and at times, landed us in some wild and exhilarating chases by dogs (note: not the other way round). like all awesome things we love (Vespa, Mini – just to name a few), these lovable, kick-powered rides are making a come back in the form of the Penny Skateboards that have a little more of awesomeness in them. available in the original 22-inch as well as the nickel 27″ forms, the Penny Skateboards are constructed from a ‘secret plastic formula’ for durability and matched with custom Penny trucks and 78A super smooth Penny wheels with Penny Abec 7 bearings. this modern day iteration of the skateboards that we loved is now tougher and can do pretty much anything a regular skateboard can do, including taking on the half pipe, ollie, trucks and board grind et cetera, with the added advantages of being extremely lightweight and portable, and highly agile. it is basically a go anywhere skateboard. the Penny Skateboards are offered as complete, ready-to-ride setup or you could mix and match the setup yourself, or if the creative bloke in you is bursting with colorful ideas, you can unleash your creativity with the customizer, customizing the Penny Skateboard with your choice of colors and other options. the Penny Skateboards are available now with a starting price of $100 a pop for the complete setup. click past the jump for a few more look.

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