it is not known if the Surly Moonlander will actually be ridable on the planet moon but it is so named as it was conceived as bicycle that goes where regular bicycles can’t go such as beaten off-road trails (or without a trail, for that matter) and over roots, rocks, gravels, sand and even over snow. it is a bold claim but we certainly have no doubt about what its unusually wide, Big Fat Larry 26 x 4.7″ tires on 100mm rims can do. that being said, all that is left to complete this capable machine is your will (and muscle) power to pedal through those unforgiving terrains (obviously, those two elements are not included in the package). practicality aside, we are huge fans of unique ride and so, it is no surprise that we are totally enthralled by the Moonlander (where most of the time, our eyes were fixated to its humongous rubbers). other noteworthy features include a frame set crafted from Surly 4130 CroMoly steel, Microshift Thumb Shifters for ease of shifting even with gloves or mittens on, a new MWOD (aka Mr. Whirly Offset Double) crank system, a 2 x 9 drivetrain, Avid brakes with 160mm rotors on both front and rear, black vinyl saddle and an offset fork to accommodate the front and rear wheel interchangeability. it is not the coolest bike we have seen but definitely one of the coolest yet. love what you see? then expect to shell out a good $2,449.99 if you want to own it. new a closer scrutiny? then click on the above image for larger view.

Surly via Uncrate

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