Lift Foils Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

Quit staring at your too-calm-to-be-true local lake and wishing it had waves so you could surf like you were at the Malibu, thousand of miles away. Just grab yourself a Lift Foils eFoil and you will be carving the water even the lake is as still as the deep layers under frozen tundra.

As an electric hydrofoil surfboard, eFoil lets you experience a sense of flight as you zip across over the water at speeds of up to 25 mph (about 40 km/h or 22 knots). This may be as close you will get to the Back to the Future II’s hoverboard. The only thing is, this has to be use on water.

Lift Foils Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

Key features include an all-carbon hydrofoil, wireless Bluetooth hand controller, interchangeable lithium-ion battery that provides an hour of operation per charge, hydrodynamic liquid-cooled electric propulsion, custom milled aluminum propellers, interchangeable wings and finally, it can be broken down into separate components for easy transportation.

eFoil is suited for riders ages 16 and up and weighing no more than 250 lbs (around 113 kilograms). eFoil electric hydrofoil surfboard can be had for $12,000. It is available in four board sizes: 4’4 Pro w/ 170 Classic, 5’0 Sport w/ Classic, 5’6 Cruise w/ 200 Classic and 6’2 Explorer w/ 200 Classic.

All images courtesy of Lift Foils.