Sony Announced New RX100 VII Premium Compact Camera With Full-frame Alpha 9 Level Of Performance

I never understand the rationale behind the so-called premium compact camera category. Given the high prices of premium compact cameras, you ought to be a pro to be wanting one and yet they are usually of fixed lens, which is a feature not preferred by pro shooters. Perhaps, it is much like a sidearm of […]

Sony Announces Compact 50x Zoom Cyber-Shot HX350 Outside Of U.S.

If you ever wanted to capture images or videos from a very far off distance and thought only full-fledged DSLR could do it, well, think again. These days, many compact shooters, or the so-called prosumer cameras, are more than capable of going to length and the recently announced Sony Compact 50x Super Zoom Cyber-shot HX350 […]

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Camera

want a digital shooter with DSLR-style creative power, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing lenses? then the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 Camera could be the perfect “in-between” camera for you. in fact, Sony is terming this newest addition to the RX lineup as “premium bridge camera” which is pretty self-explanatory of what

Sony a3000 DSLR-style Interchangeable Lens Camera

price is perhaps the major stumbling block for beginner shutterbugs; the last thing any beginner wants is to spend thousands of dollars and giving it up eventually. trust me. it happens. and that’s why we thought this latest addition, the Sony a3000 DSLR-style Interchangeable Lens Camera, to Sony’s Alpha

FUJIFILM X-M1 Compact System Camera

continuing its obsession with retro-style consumer imaging devices, the FUJIFILM X-M1 Compact System Camera gives you the power of DSLR without the bulk and heft, along with a styling that any self-respecting shutterbug would die for (well, maybe not that serious, but it is a pretty little thing, alright). sporting a 16.3MP

Olympus PEN E-P5 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

beyond its awesome retro look, this new flagship of the PEN series, the Olympus PEN E-P5 Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera, is every bit of sophistication and style. boasting as the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to offer 1/8000 sec. high-speed shutter, it also features a 16.1MP Live

Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Digital Camera

want to enjoy the benefit of a full-frame digital photography with professional features but don’t want the associated bulk that comes with powerful DSLRs? the Sony Cyber-shot RX1 Digital Camera is the camera that will fit that bill. packed within its palm-sized body is a 35mm full-frame 24.3-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, the RX1 is a totally capable…

Sony NEX-6 Digital Camera

unlike smartphones, the choice of camera to buy is not always obvious cos’ we are constantly being assaulted by myriad of options. it’s like, just when you thought you wanted to settle on brand X, brand Y comes along and offers one that is as good, if not better. speaking of which, Sony has just put on the table a new compact to its NEX line that promised…

Pentax Q10 Digital Camera

we are not particularly fond of huge DSLR and that precisely we love the middle ground: a camera that straddles between the cumbersome DSLR and the dumber point-and-shoot cameras. good for us and all like-minded folks, more and more such in-between shooters are surfacing and the Pentax Q10 Digital Camera, a follow-up to the original…

FUJIFILM X-E1Digital Camera

want a DSLR-quality camera but do not want to be bog down by the usual DSLR cumbersome size? well, thanks the technology advancements, now that dream is possible and the FUJIFILM X-E1Digital Camera is just one of those cameras. equipped with a 16.0-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor, the compact pro-style digital camera features a…