Alfred Hitchcock And Nosferatu Joins Super7 ReAction Figures Lineup

Good news, fans of horror flicks (particularly, those classic ones), Super7 has announced two new ReAction figures that will delight your (horror) senses. The first is the figure of the forefather of psychological thriller and arguably, the master of suspense, English film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock, and the second item is a figure of […]

Alien Egg Chamber Playset Lets You Recreate The Chills On The Derelict Spaceship

we are not entirely sure if recreating the chilling Alien egg chamber scene from the sci-fi horror movie Aliens is exactly kids-friendly or even recommended, but for a grown man who grew up being shocked by Jaws and Aliens, it is definitely a collectible – regardless how much we were traumatized by Ridley Scott’s acid-drooling, […]