LEGO App-controlled Batmobile Is Now Available, But It Is Not For Everyone

If you are NOT a huge fan of Batman, but adore his rides, then this adorable LEGO 76112 App-controlled Batmobile may appeal to you. I am not totally sold, though because, it is a tad too cute for my liking. I mean, the look is OK, but TBH, I can’t look at it without conjuring […]

Air Hogs’ Giant Size Millennium Falcon XL Drone Has Han And Chewie Onboard

This is not the puny version from Air Hogs we seen three years ago. It is certainly not as detailed the official battle drones doled out by Propel, but this gigantic Star Wars Millennium Falcon XL Drone from Air Hogs wins with size. I mean, just look at this thing. It is huge! Measuring a […]

The Dark Side’s R2-Q5 Is Now In Your Control With This App-enabled Droid

The mention of Sphero or Orbotix conjures up the image of remote control ball. But in actual fact, Sphero/Orbotix is more than that. It has non-ball remote control toys too, like the crazy awesome Ultimate Lightning McQueen and now, a R2-Q5 too. R2 what? Well, that’s Q5, the R2-like droid that shared much of the […]

Is This Xiaomi Truck Building Kit A Blatant Copy Of LEGO Technic?

Soon to go public Xiaomi is known for many things. Among what it is known for, it has known as the jack of all trades. Some even go as far as to ridicule it as the provision goods of the tech world, but the Chinese company remains undaunted. Another thing that the company is quite […]

Rideable Electric TIE Fighter Is Every Star Wars Fans Dream Come True

Furze and Burton may have built a full-size Kylo Ren TIE Fighter which a grown-ass man can get in and pretend to fly it. Allan Carver’s TIE Fighter may not fly. It may not even of life-size (it is not small either though; it is about 1/3rd scale), but one thing for sure is, it […]

Today’s Science Lesson: Can Saltwater Really Drives A Boat?

While scientists dream of making the world less polluted with electric propulsion, one dude in the 1950s dreamed of using seawater to power boats. His bold dream was featured on Mechanix Illustrated Aug. 1954 issue. Using saltwater and different metals to generate electricity is a theory that has been thrown around for a while now. […]

Hot Wheels Drone Racerz Car Just Got Upsized by 25 Times By A Brit Inventor

More famously known for creating an accurate Iron Man suit James Bruton AKA XRobots has, by the request of his daytime job’s boss at Bladez Toyz, create something that‘s rather intriguing. James was asked if he would like to take up the challenge of upsizing the Hot Wheels Drone Racerz Car which the company is […]

R/C Podracers Are Real, Can Someone Make Life-size Versions Already?

During the recent Model-Hobby-Spiel Fair in Leipzig, Germany, something caught our attention and it wasn’t the regular R/C models. Instead, it was a bunch of futuristic racers, or The Phantom Menace‘s Podracers to be precise. Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace may have failed us, but the image of Anakin Skywalker’s Podrace had […]

Auto Transforming R/C Transformers Toys Need To Happen, Like, Right Now

So, you think transforming Transformers toys are cool? Wait till you see one that transforms without you manually going through 15 head-scratching steps to turn from a vehicle to a robot and vice versa. Apparently, a Beijing-based robotic/toy company called Senpower has developed R/C Transformers toys that can transform themselves. Yup. You heard that right. […]

Watch An R/C Plane Breaks 450 MPH, Well, That’s If You Can Actually See It

Talk about too fast, too crazy. Here’s one R/C aircraft that makes a jaw-dropping 727 kilometers-per-hour, or 451 miles-an-hour. At that speed, it is effectively supersonic proportional to the scale and it is definitely one R/C aircraft reserved only for the elite (remote control) pilots. And by that, I mean that the pilot has to […]