Hummingbird Robot Learned To Fly By Learning From Real Hummingbirds

It looks like someone have picked up where AeroVironment have left off. If you recall, AeroVironment had developed a Nano Hummingbird several yeas ago under a DARPA program aimed in developing Nano Air Vehicle or NAV. So, yeah, someone has developed a hummingbird drone and this being six years on, technology this hummingbird is way […]

MIT CSAIL’s RoCycle Recycling Robot Identifies Recyclables By Touch

This is a single stream recycling robot, RoCycle, developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). RoCycle is able to differentiate if an object is paper, metal, or plastic. Machines that are able to identify a specific material is not new. I have personally seen one in action in an expo in Atlanta […]

This Is The First 3D Heart Printed Using Patient’s Biological Materials

In a major medical breakthrough today, scientists over at Tel Aviv University has printed the first 3D heart using a patient’s cells and biological materials. You heard that right. It is totally a 3D-printed heart, though not quite the 3D printing you have come to known (like obviously). Described as the world’s first 3D vascularized […]

Mankind Finally Gets First Hand Look Of A Black Hole, Albeit A Blurry One

If you haven’t already heard, astronomers over at Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) has captured the first ever image of a Black Hole. Now, capturing the image was not simple as whipping out a camera with super zoom lens and hitting the shutter button. This thing is 500 freaking million trillion kilometers away which is obviously […]

World’s Largest Bee Rediscovered On Indonesia’s Islands

Modern humans may be on the little blue marble for about 200,000 years, but there are still many things awaiting to be discovered or rediscovered. One such recent discovery/rediscovery is this: the Wallace’s Giant Bee, or as it known scientifically as Megachile pluto. Previously thought to be extinct when it was last saw in the […]

In Africa, Giant Rats Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Land Mines

When we talk about using animals to sniff out drugs and bombs, dogs come to mind. However, in sub-Saharan Africa, there’s an unlikely sniffer that is being used to locate land mines. These sniffers are, wait for it… the African giant pouched rats. Rodents! Imagine that. And mind you, they are not called ‘giant’ for […]

After Robot Dogs, Micro Drones Can Worked Together To Open A Door Too

You already seen how Boston Dynamic SpotMini can let itself out a closed door, now meet a pair of micro flying robots (read: drones) that does the same. You read that right. Now, even drones no bigger than the palm of your hand can heave the door open too. Created by Stanford University, EPFL and […]

University Develop Incredible Drone That Changes Shape And Size On-The-Fly

Drones are suited for search and rescue operations, but they will be even better if they can pass through small openings to explore, say for example, damaged buildings. Instead of making drones smaller, which will inadvertently limit their functionality, JSK Lab at University of Tokyo proposes a segmented flying robot called DRAGON, and today, we […]

Researchers Discovered Some Spiders Produce Milk. Wait, What???

Until today, milk secretion is believe to be a process exclusive to mammals, but then, some researchers found out that not only some cockroaches can produce milk, but the roach milk is supposedly richer in protein and whatnot. And today, researchers from three research labs in Wuhan and Yunnan, China, has discovered that some spiders […]