S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen Is A Pen That Is Also A Pricey Toy

How many times can you say your pen is also a toy? And nope. Twirling your pen does not count. So, I guess it is a no? However, in the case of the S.T. Dupont Star Wars X-Wing Rollerball Pen, the pen is indeed a toy, or if you will, a scale model. Interesting notion […]

S.T. Dupont Puts Watch Complication Into A Lighter, Wants $41K In Return

In an era where smoking is frowned upon, there is hardly a need for a lighter – much less one that cost a whopping $41,000. Yes. You heard that loud and clear. A lighter could cost that much and you know it can only come from one brand: S.T. Dupont. The Parisian company has been […]