The Auto Transforming R/C “Transformers” Toy Turns Out To Be An Excellent STEM Education Tool

Since after revealing the 4-meter (13′) tall real-life Transformers robot a couple of years ago, J-Deite seems to have quieten down. Perhaps, it is time to nurture the next-generation inventor of Transformers robots? Well, nurture you can with the Robosen T9. T9 is the evolution of the mind-blowing auto transforming remote control “Transformers” we saw […]

Auto Transforming R/C Transformers Toys Need To Happen, Like, Right Now

So, you think transforming Transformers toys are cool? Wait till you see one that transforms without you manually going through 15 head-scratching steps to turn from a vehicle to a robot and vice versa. Apparently, a Beijing-based robotic/toy company called Senpower has developed R/C Transformers toys that can transform themselves. Yup. You heard that right. […]