So, you think transforming Transformers toys are cool? Wait till you see one that transforms without you manually going through 15 head-scratching steps to turn from a vehicle to a robot and vice versa. Apparently, a Beijing-based robotic/toy company called Senpower has developed R/C Transformers toys that can transform themselves. Yup. You heard that right. Automatic transforming Transformers. Sounds like a gargantuan task, you say? But really it is not. Already there are folks who make real car transforms into a robot, I am sure toys are totally doable too.

Viral video of the toys in action have been circulated on the Internet for a few of months now. It took us quite sometime to figure who actually made it and after some digging we finally found the company responsible and its website. However, there is no information that’s of use and hence, we really have nothing on these interesting toys. Yes. I read Chinese, but still, I can’t find any availability or pricing information, much less the details of the transforming toy robots. That being said, photos of decent quality are non-existence and so, do forgive us for the potato quality image.

Anywho, the toys aren’t as articulated as the CGI version, obviously, but most awesome part about these toys is, they actually walks. You know, like on two? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. We are crossing our fingers that these toys will hit the market in near future. You can find a video of Optimus Prime and two other unidentified Transformers making the transition below.

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via YouTube.

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