SipaBoards Air Standup Paddleboard Self-inflates In 5 Minutes

Standup paddleboard is one way to enjoy the beauty of a tranquil lake, but getting the board from home to your local lake is not easiest task, let alone bringing it overseas. However, creative homo sapiens have made it easier by going the inflatable route but then, there’s the strenuous pumping to do that will […]

SipaBoards: The World’s First Self-inflating, Electric Jet Propelled Standup Paddleboard

Despite its thrill-eschewing nature, paddle boarding still requires some practice to get it going. Well, I mean, if you want to enjoy the scenery more than fighting to steer or get the balance, you will need to have some basic skills. While it is not exceedingly difficult to pick up, it is always good to […]