cPulse Case Wants To Add Light Show To Your Android Phone With 128 Multicolored LEDs

there are smartphone protective cases and there are cases that offers to do more than just protection. i believe we have seen quite a bit of the latter, including multi-tool cases, case rigged with camera controllers and even one that adds a second e-ink display to your device. now, you can add lights to the […]

Marshall Wants Your Phone To Look And Feel Like Guitar Amps

when it comes to phone cases, there is hardly anything to detail, less it has some ‘magical properties’, and the Marshall Phone Cases here are no exceptions. to layman, the new Marshall Phone Cases, available for both iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4, is just another case, but for musicians, more specifically guitarists, it represents […]

LG Previews QuickCircle Case For G3 Ahead of LG G3 Announcement

LG is drumming up the LG G3 quite a bit before its official announcement next week. it has done it with the LG x Harman Kardon collaboration Bluetooth headset and the South Korean electronics maker is at it again with the LG QuickCircle Case For LG G3. we haven’t seen the case in person, but […]

Prescient Audio AudioCase

give your GALAXY S IV or iPhone 5/5s a serious boost in the sound reproduction department without lugging along an external portable speaker with the Prescient Audio AudioCase. unlike the earlier example by Sonic Force, the AudioCase is an “active” (aka powered) speaker case that employs Prescient Audio’s pioneering ThinDriver…

LoudBy SoundCase For Samsung GALAXY S4

one thing that Samsung’s smartphone never overcomes is sound. no good will come to any speaker placed at the back as the sound will be firing away from you and that’s not to mention that when the phone is placed with the back down, which is as good as covering up the speaker.

Nodus Access Case

wallet-style cases are not new and today’s slew of offerings does require your device to be clicked to a snap case-like contraption or worst, slide your device into a cumbersome leather ‘pocket’ which hinders access and difficult to remove, but with the Nodus Access Case

Seals Remix Rugged Case for Samsung GALAXY S4

however “active” the GALAXY S4 Active is, it still won’t survive serious beatings present in serious outdoor activities such mountain climbing, white water rafting and the likes. even if it does, you will ultimately face the inevitable aesthetic marring on the handset (aka “battle scars”), which in the books of any style-conscious folks, is a

Style Box by Case-Mate

honestly, iPhone cases are the last thing we expect to be the target of a comprehensive marketing effort. the norm with iPhone cases, or any other smartphone accessories for that matter, would be plain simple advertising and therefore, a ‘real campaign’ was never in the picture. but not with these cases from Case-Mate, a brand now recognized as the purveyor of fashion-forward mobile accessories.

LG QuickWindow Smartphone Case for LG G2

LG won’t be unveiling its next flagship phone until next month, but it has already announced the official case for the LG Optimus G2. dubbed the LG QuickWindow Smartphone Case, the case sports a generous rectangular window on its front much like the one found on Samsung S View Cover, only much bigger. btw, LG has gone

Pong Gold Reveal Cases for iPhone 5

we are no stranger to iPhone cases; they offers protection for your phone, but does it protect you? well, this one does. known as the Pong Gold Reveal Cases by Pong Research, these unique cases for iPhone 5 feature embedded gold-plated Pong antenna that is said to protect you from the wireless energy while optimizing the device performance. nobody really knows what’s the side effect, if any at all, of long term