This Restomod 912c By KAMManufaktur Has A Full Carbon Body, Weighs Under 700 Kg

Do you have an obsession with super lightweight sports cars, specifically a classic Porsche? Well, if you do, Europe’s restomod extraordinaire KAMManufaktur may have just the car for you. Budapest’s KAMManufaktur has elevated the iconic 912 sports car, maintaining its classic aesthetics and analog driving style while enhancing performance.

Electrikhana 2: Final Drift Video With Ken Block 😭

Who can forget the breathtaking electric Gymkhana, dubbed Electrikhana, pulled off by the legendary rally race car driver Ken Block in Las Vegas last year? That electrifying run in Vegas was not the last. Ken Block and the Hoonigan team headed to Mexico City for the next installment. The recording went on without much drama. …

MINI Cooper SE Gets The John Cooper Works Treatment But Strictly Limited To Trim Only

Whether or not a MINI Cooper is electric or not, you know it has gotta have a John Cooper Works trim, you know, because sports car, and JCW we have here for the new MINI Cooper SE. But the John Cooper Works is not quite what you think it is with this electric Mini Cooper.

HiPhi A Is a 1,287 HP Electric Hypercar That Makes 0-100 A Little Over 2 Seconds And Tops Out At 186 MPH

HiPhi recently unveiled its groundbreaking HiPhi A, marking a significant leap in automotive innovation. Set for its physical debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, this hypercar embodies a fusion of HiPhi’s cutting-edge battery and motor tech with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s classic hypercar elements.

Check Out The Bespoke BAC Mono R Of YouTuber Jordan Maron aka CaptainSparklez

Gone are the days when only megastars could afford exotic rides and massive mansions. In today’s world, influencers like YouTube personalities, TikTok stars, and Twitch streamers are perfectly capable of amassing substantial wealth to indulge in similar luxuries.

Toyota Crown Sport Z SUV: The Crown Is More Than Just A Luxury Sedan

Before the reveal of the new Toyota Crown luxury sedan, the Crown welcomed a few other body types that are based on the same design language. There is the Crown Estate, the Crown Crossover, and the Crown Sport which is described as a “new sport type SUV form” that promises to bring “fun to drive” …

Nissan Sentra DET Concept: A Sentra Can Be High-performing And Sporty Too

Don’t worry about the absence of the Nissan Skyline NISMO sports sedan in the United States, because the Nissan Sentra DET Concept demonstrates that your Sentra can be just as sporty. While the idea of a family car as a sports car may seem unconventional in 2023, the active participation of cars like the Sentra …