I Would Love To Have The North Face x Comme des Garçons Outerwears, But My Wallet Shrieks In Horror

There is something particularly alluring about gray and orange combo; it drew me to this new collection from a new collab by The North Face and Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. What you see here are outwears inspired by North Face’s heritage. With this new for FW18 collection, Junya Watanabe once again demonstrates his […]

North Face Access Pack’s Main Compartment Pops Up Like A Car’s Hood

The problem with today’s backpack is the zipper – the main compartment zipper, to be exact. However designers try, it is never easy to unzip and the packing and unpacking the pack is never a walk in the park because the opening is never big enough. However, it seems like a real innovation has hit […]

Manmade Spider Silk Find its Way to North Face’s New Parka, Spider-Man Should Follow Suit Too

Mankind have long envy the astonishing properties of spider’s silk. Spider’s silk is known to be five-time stronger than steel, but yet has far greater flexibility than nylon, thus making them suitable for a wide range applications, including life-saving bulletproof vest and even for building suspension bridges. There is a major stumbling block though; ‘milking’ […]