TomTom Action Camera Has Built-in Media Server, Lets You Edit and Share Video Right There and Then

It’s 2015. Flying cars are still not a reality and so are self-drying, one-size-fits-all jackets, and we are still downloading our video footages to our mobile devices to be edited and shared. Sounds kind of ‘backward’ if you really think about it because we have been doing the same for over a decade, albeit faster …

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch

fitness band or watch that doesn’t track your heart rate don’t quite make it as the perfect fitness monitor, do they? and when we say ‘track heart rate’, we don’t mean strapping a cumbersome, sweat-absorbing contraption to your chest – we meant doing it right off the wrist and that’s precisely what the TomTom Runner Cardio

TomTom GPS Sport Watches

Dutch company TomTom is no stranger to GPS business, but its latest offerings are a pair of GPS Sport Watches that are anything but navigation related. instead, the company leverages on its expertise in the GPS technology and put them into these sport watches to help athletes and runners keep track of their performances. the two models, the TomTom Runner