Swift Bag Is An Adventure Backpack Unlike Anything You Have Seen

What’s your impression of a backpack fit for hiking? Tough, cumbersome and takes a hell lot of time to pack? That’s the norm as it seems, but not if Swift from Taiwan design house Tronnovate can help it. Dubbed the “ultimate bag to pack and unpack in a second,” the Swift takes everything you know […]

TAKUMI PURE+ is a Pen, But it Also Wants to be Your Complete Stationery Set

If one) you find stationery still has a place in this touchscreen-heavy society and two) somehow think stationery are ‘overly messy’, then TAKUMI PURE+ might be the answer you have been looking for. From the Taiwan-based Tronnovate Design Laboratory who brought you the original TAKUMI pen, the TAKUMI PURE+ is not merely an ‘upgraded version’ […]

TAKUMI Pen Is The World’s First Length Adjustable Pen, Accepts Over 50 Types Of Refills

i can’t remember when was the last time i used a pen or pencil. oh wait. as a matter fact i do: it was for filling out the lottery form. anyways, it goes to show that traditional writing instruments still has its place in our gadget filled, gestures-reliant world. be it for filling out forms, […]