UBTech Iron Man Robotic Toy Lets Your Play Out Your Superhero Fantasy

UBTech, the company that’s in the business of making commercial as well as toy robots, has a new addition to its family of robotic toys. You may remember UBTech for the strangely adorable Stormtrooper robot which, btw, is discounted heavily right down at just $140 a pop (that was originally $229.99). Anyways, the new addition […]

UBTech Stormtrooper Robot Is Your Baby Step To Galaxy Domination

Behold, fans of Star Wars. Your dream of commanding your very own First Order Stormtroopers, or at least one of them depending on your financial muscle, to take over the galaxy is about to come true. Robotic company UBTech has announced a new robot based on the crowd favorite First Order Stormtrooper. OK. Granted, UBTech’s […]

Alpha 2 Is A Humanoid Robot With Social Interaction Capability And It Can Do Yoga Too

Two things we are lacking of today, namely a solid artificial intelligence foundation and seriously robust materials and construction methodology, makes a humanoid robot like Sonny a dream. However, if UBTech delivers what it has promised (and on time), then perhaps, just perhaps, Alpha 2 Humanoid Robot could be the Sonny of our time. Of […]