Behold, fans of Star Wars. Your dream of commanding your very own First Order Stormtroopers, or at least one of them depending on your financial muscle, to take over the galaxy is about to come true. Robotic company UBTech has announced a new robot based on the crowd favorite First Order Stormtrooper. OK. Granted, UBTech’s First Order Stormtrooper App-enabled Robot is a little on the cute side, it is nonetheless a Stormtrooper which you can actually interact with. I’d say it is next the best solution next to asking your friend or young siblings to dress up as one.

First Order Stormtrooper App-enabled Robot by UBTech

As the product name suggests, it is app-enabled which means it will afford you, the pretend-to-be-Sith-lord, to command it to do your bidding with voice commands – just like Kylo Ren did. In addition, it also boasts facial recognition, allowing up to three faces to be recorded, so this faithful and adorable trooper of yours can help you to ward off uninvited guests. You can also set it to go on sentry duty, walking the ground to ensure the Resistance (namely, your siblings and your parents) does not infiltrate your (imaginary) fort and disable your force field to your porn stash, or whatever.

First Order Stormtrooper App-enabled Robot by UBTech

Though it is worthy to note that this loyal Stormtrooper does not and will not maim or kill. So, if you are looking into these extreme measures, you might be a little disappointed. But it is a start, right? Finally, with first and third person augmented reality modes, you’d be barking direct orders, or launch attacks via the app interface, in first and third views for the added immersive interactive experience. I am expecting this little guy to be a lot of fun as an individual, high-tech toy.

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However, at $299.99 a pop, I am afraid you won’t be seeing yourself building an entire brigade of white armored Stormtroopers – unless you have inexplicably deep pockets. But hey, it is gazillion times way more affordable than a single AT-AT. The exact date of availability is not clear, but we were told pre-order will be available soon on UBTech website, as well as Amazon and Best Buy. So, keep your eyes peeled, folks, and also, be sure to keep your coffer for “galaxy domination” topped with real world money cos’ last checked, galaxy credits are not accepted.

Images courtesy of UBTech Robotics.

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