Catch the First Ubuntu Phone, Aquaris E4.5, in the Next Flash Sale in Europe

When it comes OS choices, we have mixed feelings. On one hand we are happy with what the market has to offer at the moment, and on the other, we pretty dope about new comers like Tizen and Ubuntu, even though it may eventually lead to some serious cross-platform issues. Perhaps, the majority of the […]

Ubuntu Orange Box Lets You Lug Along A Cloud Whenever You Go

in an age where cloud has become part of our lives, it is only a matter of time that we start having a cloud in tow with us wherever we go. well, that is not to say that a cloud-in-a-box like the Ubuntu Orange Box will let you start a cloud right in the middle […]

Ubuntu 13.10 For Nexus 4

the pretty looking ‘Formula 1 of the smartphone industry’ might have failed to meet its astronomical goal when it went on Indiegogo, but that doesn’t mean Ubuntu enthusiasts have to live without this awesome piece of gesture-heavy, Linux-based OS that is destined to unite the different devices we have today (or maybe, eventually).

Ubuntu Edge Dual Boot Smartphone

you know an Ubuntu-powered smartphone is coming your way, don’t you? it won’t be ‘just round the corner’, but for enthusiasts, you’d be glad to know that it will be arriving, at least by 2014. so here’s something to get you excited about first: the Ubuntu Edge Dual Boot Smartphone has hit crowdfunding platform INDIE