Mini By Uno Bolt Is A Super Cool, Fast And Long Range Electric Unicycle

Remember the T-Bob-like electric unicycle by Uno Bolt? Well, the U.S.-based electric scooter maker has a new ride that’s looking even more like the cowardly robot sidekick of Scott Trakker. Simply called Mini by Uno Bolt, this updated and smaller electric unicycle is not only smaller, but way more sleeker than its larger sibling. Just […]

Meet Uno Bolt, The World’s First Electric Unicycle With Gyro Force

The concept of monowheel electric vehicle such as the Uno Bolt you see here is certainly not new. But it is certainly new when it comes what goes inside of it. It has what its creator called Gyro Force Technology. The built-in stabilizer sensors make it the quickest responding gyroscope to be outfitted in an […]