Octopus And Squid Are Ocean Teabag’s Latest Whimsical Take Of Teabags

Drinking tea is a chill thing to do and to some extend, boring. If it’s not boring, then why do most people feel the need to read papers or in today’s context, stare intently at their smartphones while doing so? I’d say they probably won’t feel bored if the teabags have shape of Octopus and […]

KFC Japan Wants You To Smell Like Fried Chicken Even After Bathing. Yes, Really

I don’t know of anyone who wanted to smell like KFC even as they are bathing (and still smells the same after showering) and if you do, you’d be wishing you were in Japan because that was the place where you can bathe while smelling like the world famous fried chicken. If you think edible […]