Octopus and Squid Teabags

Drinking tea is a chill thing to do and to some extend, boring. If it’s not boring, then why do most people feel the need to read papers or in today’s context, stare intently at their smartphones while doing so? I’d say they probably won’t feel bored if the teabags have shape of Octopus and Squid. OK. Maybe not. But I am sure it will be fun to look at over regular sachets.

Octopus and Squid Teabags

Created by Japanese teabag seller Ocean Teabag with bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard, the Octopus and Squid Teabags are the newest to join the company’s range of whimsical teabags that include stingray, jellyfish and magical tanuki (basically a native to East Asia raccoon dogs).

Octopus and Squid Teabags

The Octopus teabag contains Keemun tea while the double-bagged Squid teabag serves up black Pu’er tea inspired by squid ink. But not to worry though, the Chinese Pu’er may be one of darkest in hue for tea, it is not black like tea and it most certainly don’t taste like squid ink. Instead, it is said to bear a thing of sweet persimmon flavor. Don’t ask me how. I have absolutely no idea.

Folks in Japan can get their hands on the Octopus and Squid Teabags from Village Vanguard web store for 1,820 yen (around US$16.80) a pop. Those outside of the Land of the Rising Sun are not left out in the cold; you will be able find other Ocean Teabags on Amazon Japan, though the latest Octopus and Squid Teabags are not yet listed.

Images: Ocean Teabag via PR Times.

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Source: Japan Today.