Yikes. Maker Of AK-47 Assault Rifle Revealed Kamikaze Drone

Drones that kill are nothing new, but one that reminds the world of the horrific images of Japanese’s WWII warplanes doing Kamikaze run is disturbingly new. Such was what maker of AK-47 assault rifle, Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, has unveiled. Jointly developed by Kalashnikov and Russian UAV specialist ZALA AERO, this unmanned combat aerial system […]

If Cobra Commander Was Real, He Would Have Use This Custom H&K XM8

Converting and/or modding real firearms into cartoon-inspired look is not the bestest of ideas. I don’t need to explain why is it so, but man, this fully-functional Heckler & Koch XM8 assault rifle converted from a H&K SL8 with a color scheme, complete with weathered effect, inspired by 80s action cartoon G.I. Joe’s super baddy […]

Pakistan Gifts Saudi Crown Prince Gold-plated H&K Submachine Gun

What looks like a gun skin for popular Battle Royale multiplayer online game, PlayerUnknown Battleground AKA PUBG, is actually a real-life embossed golden Heckler & Koch MP5. Yes! This thing is real! This one-off, custom submachine based on German firearms maker Heckler & Koch MP5 features a gold-plated body, barrel, safety switch, trigger and magazine […]

France Security Firm’s Anti-Drone Gun Looks A Thing From Sci-Fi Series

We have featured quite a few anti-drone measures which are mostly weapons of sort, including a gleeful and not-so-serious anti-drone shotgun, as well as a home drone detection system. As far as gun-like weapons go, there are handful, but honestly speaking, nothing works look cool. I know. It don’t need to (look cool), but it […]

Meet The Real Life Spear of Longinus From Evangelion

Today I found out there was actually a replica of the Spear of Longinus as seen on the cult anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Spear of Longinus, if you don’t already know, is one of the many biblical references in the series. It appeared in the original series several times, including what-I-thought was the most […]

U.S. Marines Called Live Customer Support In The Midst Of A Firefight

Here’s a story that you may prompt you to dismiss it as some tall tale if it wasn’t told by from the person involved. It was about customer support… for firearms. You see, Barrett, the maker of firearms best known for the M-107A anti-material sniper rifle, has live customer support. OK. That part isn’t quite […]

Maker Of CornerShot Rifle Has A Double Barrel AR-15 Rifle Too

The world firearms has its fair share of oddities. From the triple barrel shotgun to Rocket Gun to the fatal ring gun, we thought we have seen it all and then, the Silver Shadow Gilboa DBT Snake Double Barrel AR-15 comes along. Yes. That right there is a carbine, a non-military issue, that is, and […]

Behold, The Real Working From Dust Till Dawn Pump Action Crossbow

If you have a thing for weapons and you have watched Robert Rodriguez’s From Dust Till Dawn (Dimension Films, 1996), you may have noted the kick-ass weapon, a pump action crossbow used in the movies by Kate Fuller (played by Juliette Lewis). Now, if you have any idea how a crossbow works, you will know […]

Pocket Shot Adds Camo Edition And Whisker Biscuit Cap For Archery

Things change as human progresses. With that said, do you think slingshot will remain the Y-shape form you are familiar with as we move into the future? Probably, but it is likely to be more advanced like laser-equipped example we have seen previously, or we would be using a whole new type of slingshot like […]

Bet You Didn’t Know There Were Rocket Guns In The 1960s

Here’s a piece of firearm history that you may not know. What you see here is essentially a weapon that fires rocket-powered projectiles. You heard that right. Rocket. Called GYROJET, this futuristic firearm was produced by a San Ramon, California company called MB Associates and exists in a variety of configurations, including rifle, pistol, carbine, […]