Whatsapp Update Shares Info With Facebook And Here’s How To Opt Out

Ever since Facebook’s acquisition, Whatsapp has evolved quite a lot, mostly for the good, though not every update it pushes out put a smile in everyone’s face. And this latest update is bound to draw flak from users. While the incorporation of Whatsapp Calling, end-to-end encryption, and Whatsapp web and desktop are seen as welcome […]

WhatsApp’s Latest Move Will Leave Millions Stranded Without WhatsApp

If you are still using old smartphones, we admire your dedication but sadly, not everyone appreciate your virtue and WhatsApp being one of them. Late February, the messaging app company announced that it will stop supporting some mobile devices by end of the 2016. And by ‘not supporting’ it means, folks with the shortlisted devices […]

WhatSim SIM Card Lets You Chat Over Whatsapp for Free in 150 Countries

You know how it is with Whatsapp. Almost everybody is using it and so, it is kind of hard to imagine how one can live without it when traveling overseas. Sure, there is always data roaming, or some elusive free WiFi hotspot somewhere, someplace, but seriously, are you going to pay for blown-up data roaming […]