You know how it is with Whatsapp. Almost everybody is using it and so, it is kind of hard to imagine how one can live without it when traveling overseas. Sure, there is always data roaming, or some elusive free WiFi hotspot somewhere, someplace, but seriously, are you going to pay for blown-up data roaming charges for using a chat service? And if you don’t, can you be sure to find a reliable WiFi hotspot? I am not going to lie. I will never fall for data roaming and hence, I was among those who is always hunting for free WiFi to connect, which inevitably result in my love for Starbucks cafe when I was roaming around NYC. For just 10 euro, WhatSim will make the aforementioned woes thing of the past, at least, when it comes to your Whatsapp usage.

WhatSim SIM Card for Whatsapp

WhatSim is a SIM card that lets you use Whatsapp in around 150 countries with over 400 operators without incurring additional charges other than the initial amount you paid to acquire the card. So, it is not exactly free, but it is still significantly cheaper than those money robbing data roaming services and better yet, it eliminates your reliance on WiFi for Whatsapp messaging. However, that’s limited to just plain texting. So if you are looking at sending and receiving pictures, videos and more, which you likely will do, then you will have to purchase the optional credit packages to have those covered as well.

To further entice you, WhatSim wants to absorb your Whatsapp second-year subscription with the purchase of WhatSim. But instead of paying for you, WhatSim will credit the amount you paid to Whatsapp to your WhatSim account, which you can then use it to share multimedia messages. Well, it sure sounds awesome, but only if you are a seriously Whatsapp reliant person and if you want to get on the Internet, you will still have to hunt for WiFi or seek other alternatives.

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