Tips For Naming Your New Born Baby

Congrats on being blessed with a baby boy. It is normal for every parent to experience a whirlwind of emotions that range from excitement to panic to seeing their bundle of joy around. Adding to these mixed emotions is the stress from sleep deprivation.

It takes a toll on your entire life and leaves you confused. It is no wonder that most people take some time off before the baby arrives and use it to get things together. Shopping for baby things, preparing the room, arranging for help, everything is usually taken care of with the help of a checklist.

The most confusing part for parents comes soon after this: what to name your baby? Every possible person you meet gives you a name suggestion. Every TV series, movie, and book has a name that you love.

But how would you know which name to pick for your little one? Is there a hack, or are there tips that would help a new parent identify the best name for the little one? If you are confused about baby names, too, here are a few tips that you could use.

Look For Unique Names

Your child is unique, and that’s how their name should be too. You do not want ten kids turning around in a playground every time you call your child, right? But picking a unique name does not have to go overboard. Did you know that Construction 2 Style has an impressive list of baby names arranged alphabetically? As the names are gender-neutral, you can pick one and start personalizing your little one’s things even before they arrive.

Decide On the Alphabet

Tips For Naming Your New Born Baby
Image credit: Pexels (Helena Lopes).

The options for baby names are endless. The simplest way to narrow down the search is to decide on an alphabet or sound of the name. Once you decide on the alphabet that your child’s name should include, write down all the names you can think of with that alphabet. Discuss this list with your partner and narrow down the names based on what the two of you like.

Combine Your Names

A popular trend of giving kids unique names includes combining the names of both parents. You could use an anagram of your names to come up with a meaningful name for your baby boy too. However, make sure the nicknames and initials of the name are meaningful too. You could use online tools to create a unique baby name with your name and that of your partner. You could also pick just a few letters from each of your names and combine them to create a unique and meaningful name.

Alternatively, you could also create a name with words that hold a special place in your life as a couple. Use your creativity. A beautiful name could also spell disaster when they have a funny connotation when just the initials are used and could haunt your child forever.

Keep It Short

Tips For Naming Your New Born Baby
Image credit: Unsplash (Garrett Jackson).

It’s a name and not a sentence in itself, so keep it short and simple. Let the name be short and easy to write, memorize, and spell for everyone. There is no point in adding additional letters or giving him an unnecessarily long, complicated, or hard to pronounce kind of a name. Cassiopeia, for instance, is a beautiful name, but that’s hard to pronounce, spell, and remember. Adding unnecessary letters and sounds to the name will only complicate it, and your child will spend the rest of his life trying to correct people on how to pronounce and spell his name right.

Look For Meaning Over Trend

Find names with a deep meaning and have a strong cultural significance rather than a trendy name. It would make more sense to name your child after a famous family member than a sports star. By the time the child is all grown up, the name would no longer be in trend, and they might have five other people in their group who were named after the same actor or sportsperson making their name no longer unique.

Once you shortlist the names, try saying it out loud a few times. How do you feel about the name? Is the name appropriate for an adult, or is it too cute and sounds like a child’s name? Does it have any legal complications associated with it, or is the name similar to that of an anti-social personality? Consider all these aspects before you decide on a name. So, have what have you decided to call your little prince? Did these tips come in handy while deciding your child’s name? Do let us know in the comments section.

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