Understanding Everything About ACP

The pandemic has demonstrated the value of having a solid internet connection at home, among other things. Working from home has become essential, maintaining academic standards for distance learning, and being occupied while you can’t socialize. It has made the need for broadband services highly crucial.

Understanding Everything About ACP
Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay.

If anyone qualifies for one of the below ACP programs, it can help them get access to a free or subsidized internet connection. 

The Emergency Broadband Benefit was developed as a temporary assistance program to aid low-income families and the ones who lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), one of several broadband-focused projects in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill signed in November, took the role of the EBB beginning in 2022.

Hundreds of internet service providers have expressed interest in participating in the ACP programs. There is some more information concerning ACP in this article.

What Is ACP?

ACP serves as the government Emergency Broadband Benefit’s long-term replacement. It was created to make it easier for lower-income households to access the Internet. 

For the program’s life, qualified consumers of participating broadband providers are eligible for a maximum of $30/month ($75/month for Tribal territories) credit toward mobile and Internet services. It will remain in effect for as many years as the Federal Government chooses to continue funding the program. The cost for the services selected will determine how much credit a person receives.

Who Can Receive ACP?

A member must satisfy at least one of the requirements to be eligible:

●      meets the requirements for the government’s Lifeline program, including Supplemental Security Income(SSI), Medicaid, SNAP

●      Benefit for Veterans and Survivors 

●      Benefit for Veterans and Survivors 

●      Programs for Residents of Tribes with Eligible Tribal Lands

●      Benefits from the school breakfast or reduced price/ free lunch programs

●      Whose income is at or beneath the federal poverty threshold of 200 percent

●      Received a Pell Grant from the government during the current award year

People will need to provide the Federal Government with specific qualifying data to verify their eligibility for ACP.

How Long Can Someone Use The ACP Credit?

They will qualify for an ACP program credit if they meet the program requirements. The federal government might regularly check to verify if someone is still eligible. Customers who have signed up will be informed at least 30 days before the program expires.

Can A Person Give Their ACP Credit To A Family Member Or Friend?

ACP credits cannot be transferred. Additionally, there can only be one ACP credit per household.

Can Anyone Move Their ACP Credit Between Service Providers?

Any participating provider of choice is where the person can get broadband service that ACP subsidizes. The benefit is only available to one provider at once and is restricted to one per household. At the government body’s discretion, ACP benefits may be transferred to another participating provider, but transfers are generally only permitted once per service month.


People cannot receive the ACP discount for their household from more than one ISP, nor can their home receive numerous reductions. If they did, they wouldn’t be eligible for additional help or advantages from the ACP.

One must also inform their ACP or ISP if their eligibility for the benefit changes. By law, one must take action within 30 days if they are no longer participating in a qualifying assistance program or their income level has gone above the poverty threshold.