we just can’t enough of cool products and speaking of which, if we were avid cyclists, the Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool would be our tool of choice when we pull out our bike out of its hibernation this spring to hit the road. having handy bike tools along with you is a necessity, not an options cos’ you may never know when or where you will need to pull over and make some rectifications, or for real serious cyclist, to tweak the ride to perfection. anyway, you get the idea. this newest addition to the Swiss Army Knife collection (we know. technically, it is not a knife but still…) comes in a disassembled package and features a L-wrench, a tire (or ‘tyre’ if you prefer) lever, eight different bits that should have you covered, a stainless steel bit adapter and a beautiful impact-proof plastic holder, in a striking translucent orange hue, to pack it all in. best of all, it weighs in at a mere 3.5 oz., and thus it will be truly a stylish functional item without actually causing you any hindrance. additionally, special care has been taken to ensure that edges are rounded to lessen any chances of injury should you meet with any accident. and for ‘uniform look’ seeker, you will be glad to know that it will fit right into companion pouch such as the Cordura SwissTool Belt Pouch ($7.50). the Victorinox Swiss Army Bike Tool can be yours for just $48 a pop. scroll down for a couple of larger views.

Victorinox via Gear Hungry

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