Klang Ultrasonic Speakers send audio in one direction

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Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - studio shot 544x352px
(image credit: Adam Moller) Klang Ultrasonic Speakers | US$NA (concept) | www.adammoller.com

get ready for the sound of the future, cos’ ultrasonic speakers might be just around the corner. the Klang Ultrasonic Speakers designed by Adam Moller for Bang & Olufsen, is not your conventional speakers but it uses low-level ultrasound from a node that’s attached to a dish. accordingly to Adam, the relative location of the node to the focal point on the dish will determine the spread of this low-level signal.

in a nutshell, user will be able to direct the sound to a specific direction by adjusting the signal spread of the speakers. the signal spread can be achieved by varying the node distance from the brass reflection dish. simply amazing. though this is only a concept, but i’m sure it will pave the way for such sound reproduction in a not so distant future. just imagine being able to choose to listen music yourself or share it with the rest in a room, all by the adjustment of the nodes.

on the construction aspect of this beautifully crafted speakers, the ultrasonic speaker dish are actual brass pieces machined by Adam using a lathe machine, while the base was 3D printed and the rest of pieces that made up the Klang were also machined using lathe after being created from instacast. simply a gorgeous work of art where technology and design meets. i want one real bad. since we can’t have one right now, we might as well check out some of lovely images of the Klang after the jump.

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Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - intro cover 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - studio shot 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - the tech behind it 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - the anatomy 600x388px Klang Ultrasonic Speakers - focused audio 600x388px

via Yanko Design