Day: April 30, 2014

Weighing Handle by Selma Durand

Weighing Handle Tells You If Your Suitcase Is Overweight

beside forgetting what you should be bringing when checking into a flight, the next pre-flight nightmare would probably be overweight luggages. with that in mind, French designer Selma Durand came up with a brilliant concept, aptly dubbed Weighing Handle, that will save you the trouble and embarrassment of repacking overweight […]

Dub-Box Camper

Dub-Box Camper – VW Bus-inspired Tow-behind Camper

we have seen a fair amount of camper trailers here, ranging from the ridiculously high-tech (and expensive) to the super rugged to some retro-licious examples. well, here is another one to add the list and this one goes straight into our must-have if you really need a camper trailer list. […]

Samsung Level Mobile Audio Products

Samsung Level Mobile Audio Products

Samsung maybe a huge player in the consumer electronics arena, but personal audio products segment is an uncharted territory for the South Korean electronics giant. however, that is set to change with the announcement of the Samsung Level Mobile Audio Products which comprises of four “expertly crafted” audio products including […]