As people are living longer, older adults may now have many more years to enjoy their retirement. Unfortunately, by the time they reach retirement age, they might experience a reduced quality of life due to health issues, mobility complaints, financial problems, or social isolation.

The good news is that there are steps they can take to enjoy a better lifestyle throughout their golden years. Here are three ways to improve a senior’s quality of life.

1.   Support Mobility in the Home

Many older adults develop mobility issues for various reasons, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to restore their mobility, but various adjustments can support their everyday function in the home.

For instance, it may help to rearrange their furniture and possessions to make it easier to move around the room or reach everyday essentials. Also, you could make alterations to their environment or lifestyle, such as:

·       Installing a stairlift

·       Providing mobility aids, such as a walking stick or rollator

·       Adding grab rails above their bed or toilet

·       Investing in a walk-in shower or bath with a seat

A handful of changes to their home could transform a senior’s quality of life and help them lead a more independent lifestyle for longer.

2.   A Luxurious Senior Living Community

A senior living community could be key to a happier, healthier, and more comfortable lifestyle during a person’s golden years. For instance, residents at assisted living in Coral Gables, FL, have everything they need for a relaxing retirement, including a resort-style pool with a deck, a fully equipped art studio, an on-site theater, and a stunning restaurant with an outdoor terrace, to name a few amenities.

Health is at the forefront of staff members’ minds, as it promotes healthy living through good nutrition, disease prevention, exercise programs, and clinical support. As there will be many opportunities to socialize and improve mental stimulation, a senior could enjoy many healthy and happy years after joining the senior living community.

3.   Treat Depression

According to the CDC, approximately 7 million people aged 65 and over [PDF] are affected by depression. Different factors can cause a mental health disorder to develop, such as the loss of a spouse, struggling with retirement, a health issue, or even side effects from medications.

A senior must seek help when living with depression to overcome the mental health disorder. For instance, an older adult could benefit from talking to a doctor, therapist, or psychologist, and they may prescribe medication to manage the symptoms.


Growing older doesn’t mean a senior has to settle for a reduced quality of life. While it isn’t always possible to eliminate potential health issues, various changes and adjustments could help them lead a happier, healthier, and richer lifestyle, which could potentially add years to their life. So, find ways to support their mobility in the home, manage depression symptoms, and even consider a reputable senior living community in their town or city.

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