Back in 2013, an ad agency GREY’s Spanish office created a powerful child abuse awareness campaign for ANAR Foundation that deserves a mention, despite it being five years old. What makes this poster-campaign interesting is the use of lenticular printing to send different messages to children and adults at the same time, with one single print ad.

ANAR Foundation 2013 Child Abuse Campaign
What grown ups see (Left) and what a child sees (Right).

Using lenticular, person of different height will see the poster with a different message and image. Adults of average height of 1.75 meters (5.7 feet) see a regular kid with the message “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it,” while children under the age of 10, who are usually 1.35 meters (4.4 feet) and below, see the same child, but now with bruised cheek and broken lip, and with an added message “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you,” along with an easy-to-remember phone number for abused kids to reach out to.

How this powerful ad campaign works:
ANAR Foundation 2013 Child Abuse Campaign

According to Adweek in a post in 2013, the metaphor embodied in the display is apt as “the figurative differences in perception between abuser and abused here become literal.” But why is it ‘powerful’? Well, more often than not, notwithstanding the terrible things that may be happening behind closed doors, the abused and abuser are together in public and the goal here is to get the message across, even when the victims are accompanied by their aggressors.

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The poster beckon a child not to suffer in silence and it does it openly while keeping the accompanying adult in the dark. It is a brilliant ad campaign that definitely worthy a mention. Continuing reading to find a video introduction this ad campaign.

Images: YouTube.

Source: Adweek via Pinterest.

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