remember those days of Space Invaders and 1942? you can relish the old-school gaming experience...

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(image: Arcade Tables) Arcade Table STEALTH | from US$3,000.00 |

remember those days of Space Invaders and 1942? you can relish the old-school gaming experience right at your home with Arcade Tables. Arcade Tables, an Australian firm that specializes in creating coffee-table sized arcade tables since 2001 has a new kid on the block, dubbed the Stealth. the Stealth presents a more minimalist approach with its clean, contemporary lines as compared to Arcade Tables previous offerings.

designed in Germany, the Stealth is packed with classic arcade video games of the 1980s that we fondly remembers which include the likes of Space Invaders, Pac Man, Donkey Kong – among the 60 games pre-installed. the original game soundtracks pumped out by the space bass speaker system and game graphics presented in its full glory via a modern-day high definition LCD screen which boost a 80DEG viewing angle, ensuring your 80s gaming experience will be as authentic as it can be. finished in high gloss, 10 coat of two-pack in either deep space obsidian (i.e. black) or supernova white and topped with a one-half-inch thick tinted tempered glass-top complete with rubber seals and bevelled edge ensures the durability of the table.

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the Arcade Tables Stealth cost a cool $3,000 for the supernova white version, while the deep space obsidian version will cost you another $100 more. while you probably can get something else cheaper but my bet is, they won’t look this cool. the first impression when i first lay my eyes on this cool retro-listic table was: ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – it totally embodies the old school new age look. a must have for 80s gaming fans… if money is of no object, of course.

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