Arcane Arcade Table

Arcane Arcade Table
Arcane Arcade Table | £4,000.00 |

the Arcane Arcade Table by Surface Tension is definitely not the first arcade table we have seen to date but stands out as one machine-furniture hybrid that lets you do more than just relishing over 100 pre-installed retro games – including Bubble Bobble, Space Invaders, Missile Command, and among the many others. hidden away under this beautiful coffee table is an Intel Pentium dual-core processor-equipped computer that let you watch movies, listen to music, as well as surfing the Internet. other features include a 26-inch TFT LCD display shield by a 6mm toughened glass top, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of hard drive storage, Ethernet ports, wireless network adaptor, and a DVD/CD-RW optical drive, HDMI-out, a pair of USB extension ports, two 30W amplifier with discreet speaker, Sanwa joysticks and buttons, Happ illuminated trackball, Ultimarc arcade spinner, and a programmable keyboard encoder. if the 100 plus games isn’t enough for you, its MAME compatibility allows you to easily add the emulator of your choice for more greater game choices and when you are not furiously hitting those Sanwa buttons, the control station can be easily fold away, turning it into a regular coffee table. available in solid Walnut or Oak, the Arcane Arcade Table by Surface Tension will set you back a cool £4,000 or about US$6,488.

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