we can’t say we have an undying love for hatchbacks (some call them estate), but we kind of like the idea of a supercar taking on a five-door hatch form for cargo-practicality sake and also, to keep our ego from being outgun by some punk at the traffic light. so when the Italian styling house weaved out a five-door hatch based on the Aston Martin Rapide, we get pretty ecstatic about it. the drivetrain remains untouched – it is still the same 476 horsepower 6-liter V12 unit, but visually, this one-off Jet 2+2 looks exceedingly awesome, if not better then the official version. this Rapide Bertone was commissioned by an unnamed Aston Martin collector (a very rich one, no doubt), who also part took in the development process and the car was born in Bertone Workshop that specializes in production of custom models following Bertone’s rich tailor-made tradition. the Bertone Officna is like the Ermenegildo Zegna of the automobile world.

the cabin is of a 2+2 configuration with four individual seats, including two fold-flat back seats and an electrically controlled double sliding bottom covers that transform the whole of the rear into one huge cargo area. also in the bespoke interior, are wood and glazed aluminum bits, along with two-toned leather trimming and because of the hatch design, a more generous rear quarter with more headroom and ability to accept taller cargos. the Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake by Bertone is not just for that one special client, but it also marks the British marque’s centenary, as well as sixty years of collaboration between the Italian firm and Aston Martin. that say, you do know that this car isn’t yours to own, right? however, there’s no stopping you from approaching Bertone to create your own dream Aston if you have pretty penny to spare. you can catch the Aston Martin Rapide Shooting Brake by Bertone at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but if you are not as fortunate to do so, then treat yourself to a small gallery below.

Bertone via Hooniverse via Autoblog

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