bang-bang handle – pistol style door handle

bang-bang handle
(photos: Nikita Kovalev) bang-bang handle | US$tba |

there’s a reason why door knobs are round but in case you belongs to the non-conformist category, you may want to know there are handles other than your regular plain round knobs – like having door handles style after the Soviet pistol. the bang-bang handle is designed by Nikita Kovalev and reportedly made from 9mm Makarov semi-automatic pistol that is said to be a personal weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement. details are scant, so we wouldn’t know if the trigger actually will open or close the door. all we know is that it looks terrifically awesome. also, let us assure you that it’s designer, Nikita is not the same trigger-happy Le Femme Nikita, however we suspect they share the same love for the cold steeled weapon. though it is said that these handles are available in five different finishes we have absolutely no idea whether it can be bought or where they are available. arghhh… yet another cool stuff that we probably can’t buy even if we have the money. larger views after the break.

Bēhance NETWORK via Boing Boing via Incredible Things

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