BAPE Ape Head Wireless Charging Pad

According to a BAPE (A Bathing Ape) store in Sendai City in Japan, BAPE will be peddling a BAPE Ape Head Wireless Charger, AKA wireless charging pad. Power delivery from this upcoming device is not known, but as you can see from the lone product image up top, this wireless charging pad is sure to set the hearts of BAPE fans fluttering because, Ape Head.

The charging device sports the highly recognizable BAPE logo as the charging pad, complete with the profile and all, and if I may say so, it kind of a refreshing break from the horde of charging pads that are round or rectangular. It appears to be presented in brown only for now. Beyond that, we have nothing on this. The BAPE Ape Head Wireless Charger will be released March 2 (Japan time) and as far as we know, it is a Japan-only product. At least, it is for now.

We do not know the price either. But this being a BAPE product, never expect it to be affordable. I mean, seriously, tee shirts are already 60 bucks a piece and so… Anywho, those in Japan who are keen in getting their hands on one can reach out to BAPE Store Sendai for more details or order. Oh, wait, official words indicated that the BAPE Ape Head Wireless Charging Pad will be available at A Bathing Ape locations (presumably, locations across Japan).

Images: BAPE.

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Source: Instagram (@supreme_leaks_news).