Something happened in Moscow that puts it out there that superhero has no place in the real world. Like for example. How is possible that the Batman could zip around town without the law catching with him? Oh, wait. Gotham needs him, but clearly, Moscow has need for the Dark Knight.

The story went that, last Saturday, a movie replica of the Batmobile as seen in the Batman v Superman was impounded Moscow police officers. The ‘car’ (more like armored vehicle, really) was spotted parked on a street in the central city.

Batmobile Seized On The Streets Of Moscow
Credit: AFP/de.

It was a ride destined to turn heads, including those of the police officers who also realized that it did not have license plate on it. Come on. Batman needs no license plate. He never did and never will need one.

Anywho, the car was said to have imported from the U.S. and worked on by a 32-year-old Moscow resident whom added a bunch of electronics and features. The thing is, not only the vehicle is kind of oversized for the streets, it was never registered or obtained any form of approval.

In other words, it is totally not street legal. A non-street legal, oversized armored automobile on the street can only mean one thing: getting impound, which it did. Here’s the moment when the vehicle was being towed away:

According to a report, the replica Batmobile was put on sale in a Russian car-trading site in October 2019 for 55 million rubles (or about US$842,000). This particular ride was described to be armored and outfitted with night-vision and thermal imaging cameras, a laser-aiming device, and a hood-mounted faux machine gun.

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Here’s a walk-around video when it was put up on sale in Russia:

Source: Autoblog/CNA.

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