we have seen our fair share of exotic iPhone cases that cost astronomical sums, but they are mostly either encrusted with precious stones that don’t carry appreciative value, or they are plated examples that fades and wears with time. speaking of plating, they are like wearing an expensive Ermenegildo Zegna suit with nothing underneath, but if you prefer to have something under those pricey suit (i.e. want something with real substance), then you might want to consider the Brikk Haven iPhone 5 Case. what makes the Haven so special is not just because of its five-figure price tag, it is the material used: this two-piece bumper case is crafted out from solid precious metal, such as gold and platinum. four models are currently offered: gold polished, yellow gold satin matte, pink gold polished, and platinum polished, with the gold models going for an insane $11,610 a piece, while the platinum model cost a princely sum of $14,235 a pop. and that’s not all with regards to its pricing: since they of real solid precious metal, the pricing of these cases are subjected to change as per commodity pricing. the Haven is handmade in L.A. and each gold example contains more than 75 grams of gold and the platinum has over 100 grams of solid platinum in them. the Brikk Haven iPhone 5 Case also surprises us with one more thing: they can actually be purchased online through the last place we would expected it to be: Etsy. believe it.

Brikk via Geeky Gadgets

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