If you have been clamoring for the rather bizarre, monocular camera from Canon that was on Japan’s crowdfunding platform Makuake, we have good news for you. Canon is bringing the Canon Powershot Zoom Telephoto Monocular to stateside.

Canon Powershot Zoom Telephoto Monocular

The Canon Powershot Zoom is the company’s first telephoto monocular designed for hiking, bird watching and basically, outdoor exploration. It can be handy birdwatcher with image recording function. However, it does not have a lot of zoom to flex. Here’s a recap of the features:

•   Auto focus when viewing through the electronic viewfinder (EVF) and recording images and video with face tracking 
•   Optical Image Stabilization for shake correction 
•   0.39 inches, 2.36 million dots EVF 
•   12-megapixel still-image capture 
•   Full HD video capture up to 30p (29.97) 
•   Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® connection with the Canon Camera Connect app and use of compatible mobile devices2 
•   Live view and download of photos and videos with the use of the Canon Camera Connect app3 
•   USB C terminal for charging and supplying power 
•   Micro SD memory card slot
Canon Powershot Zoom Telephoto Monocular

Canon Powershot Zoom Telephoto Monocular is available in white and it will drop sometime in late November 2020 for US$299.99. If you are keen, you can pre-order it now on usa.canon.com.

Canon Powershot Zoom Telephoto Monocular

Images: Canon USA.

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