Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

Cart Bike 544x408px
(credit: Zieak)

reducing your carbon footprint is easy – you can start by riding a bicycle for your daily grocery shopping routine but there is just one problem: you can’t carry very much on a two wheeler, hence Instructables member Ryan McFarland aka Zieak came up with a brilliant idea by mashing a disused shopping cart with a bicycle. the result is what Zieak dubbed as Cart Bike. with this bicycle-shopping cart hybrid, you can not only acquire a whole cart worth of groceries enough to feed a platoon but you will be going to turn heads too, though it will not be such a good corner turner according to Zieak. hey, you are not in for a grocery bike Grand Prix so why worry? besides, with the shopping cart’s four wheels, it’s definitely going to be way more stable then your traditional two wheeler. pretty neat, huh? want one? well, you can’t grab one off the shelf but you can get your hands dirty by following Zieak’s instructions as laid out on Instructables.

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via Instructables

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