Apple AirPods Pro is an expensive pair of true wireless earbuds and so, if you are going to bring around further than the urban environment, you will need to ensure its safety. And ultimate safety is what the new Catalyst Total Protection Case for AirPods Pro has to offer.

The Catalyst Total Protection Case for AirPods Pro features a ground-breaking design that will withstand the most extreme conditions. It is the brand’s highest-performing AirPods Pro case so far and the only one of its kind on the market.

Though it is IP68 certified, it is totally submerged up to a mind-bending 330 feet (100 meters). Plus, it is capable of sustaining drops at up to 10 feet (3 meters) – thanks to the impact absorbing silicone interior and the rugged polycarbonate exterior.

Catalyst Total Protection Case for AirPods Pro

It being waterproof also means the case is totally washable and can be disinfected – a very important quality in this unprecedented time.

The Total Protection Case is a beautiful case that features a secured locking mechanism to keep the lid shut when it supposed to, a knurled textured tactical pairing button on the outside, hinge attachment with carabiner, and a Lightning port plug to keep the elements out while offering easy access to it when you need access to it.

If you are keen, you may pre-order the Catalyst Total Protection Case for AirPods Pro from for US$49.99. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in late November.

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Images: Catalyst.

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